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Slickline Connect

The first place to go for realtime technical support for slickline and wellservice operations.

Slickline technical support when you need it, at your fingertips.

Slickline Basic Training Course - Key Course Indicators

Flexible training options
Learn individually
Learn in a group
Virtual and Distant Learning options
Group tutored training with a Slickline Connect Instructor
Accessible training materials for an internally organised training program
On demand live lessons
On demand review and discussion sessions

Training Material Format
MP4 videos, with or without voice over
PDF presentation, with or without voice over

Course Learning Documentation
Downloads available with each lesson
Free of charge, accessible at the start of each lesson
Total number of downloads – 48 (forty eight)

One per lesson, fifteen in total
One pressure calculation homework
End of course quiz
No time limits and multiple attempts

Student Progress
Monitored with progress reports and feedback

Presented on successfully passing the course

Slickline Connect Members
Open discussion forum
Open to everyone enrolled in a course

On demand
One on one live chat
Group chat and discussions
24/7 via communication scheduling system

General Enquiries

For Training Related Questions