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Basic Slickline Training Module
Tailored to Meet Individual Training Requirement

NEW - Online Slickline Basic Training Course

Online Virtual & Distance Learning Slickline Training Course

Slickline Connect has launched a brand new Slickline Basic online training course, comprising of 15 individual training lessons, progressively taking students from an introduction to the oil and gas industry to more complex and focused subjects such as pulling tools. The course content is specifically constructed with newcomers to Slickline in mind, the level of information and knowledge gained from the course will give a solid grounding for future development as a core Slickline specialist.

Slickline Connect’s eLearning training courses are designed to provide a live interactive classroom setting, permitting engaging interactivity between the trainees and trainer and are coupled to first class training media and support materials.

All courses feature quizzes, home-work, practical workshop sessions (on request), with student assessments and course completion certificates.

Flexibility is the key, define the training required and Slickline Connect have a plan and will deliver it.

Additional courses are in development and planning, initially 5 additional lessons to supplement the Slickline Basic course, followed by an Slickline Intermediate course consisting of 12 first class lessons focusing on specific areas of Slickline operations and the tools and equipment used in them.

In the future Slickline Connect will offer online courses covering advanced Slickline subjects such as braided cable and gas lift and are developing a Slickline Fishing course.

What’s on Offer

Group training + distant training courses + distant SLK-C instructor

Group training + training course materials + your in-house instructor

Group training + training training course + your instructor + distant SLK-C instructor support

Group training + face to face training course + SLK-C instructor

Individual + virtual training course


Basic Slickline training course, 18 training videos, accessible via the Thinkific online training platform

Comprehensive presenter notes, for every video

Downloads, topic support documentation and manuals

Quiz pool for each topic, quizzes will be made up of a random selection from the pool

Practical workshop training session planning, to mirror theoretical online subject matter

Manned 24/7 email help line, or, book a zoom session with a Slickline Connect instructor

24/7 Slickline Connect technical support and automatic course material updates

Advantages of Slickline Connect Training eLearning

OPTIONS – Virtual, training in your own time without a planned schedule or Remote training which are scheduled planned events with real-time interactions via the internet or in-person.

PRACTICAL – Virtual training is a very practical method of providing a theoretical Slickline training course.

ACCESSIBLE – Online training can be accessed from anywhere at any time with an internet access, computer, tablet or phone.

FLEXIBLE – To every individual situation, independent of time or other constraints.

INCLUSIVE – Promotes new hires learning via all of the options for online learning.

COMMUNICATIONS – On demand Zoom sessions via site scheduler for tutorials, mentoring and Q&A sessions.

COST SAVING – Effective online training results a massive reduction in travel and associated costs as well as better time management for students.

MANAGEMENT & TRACKING – Automated administration for enrollments, notifications, progression, reporting and results

KNOWLEDGE RETENTION – Unlimited access and returns to the training material allows students unlimited review and studying opportunities leading to improved learning and knowledge retention.

MOTIVATION & PERFORMANCE – When employees have the opportunity to learn and develop within their role and in the wider organisation it will result in higher employee retention rates and improved employee confidence, motivation and performance

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