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Below we’ve expanded the details of the types of practical services that we offer which we believe will be of benefit to you and your organisation. Our aim is to provide a flexible and adaptable service which can be tailor made to suit any requirement.

Document & Record Management

Database build / rebuild based on need and relevance. Archive non-relevant content, classify and structure data base, track and manage key documents and records, map document and record review and approval processes

Quality File, PCE & Primary Assets

Re-organise and re-build Quality file folder, recover documentation and certification where required, deliver logical, solid and accessible filing structure. Build primary document protection with back-up and redundancy

In parallel create Certification and Maintenance management and tracking process folder with in-built alerts.

Tender Support

Tender technical reviews, equipment selection based upon requirements and industry standards, supplier recommendations and order negotiation. Liaising with suppliers during manufacturing, ongoing technical reviews and order tracking

Advice on standards compliance.

Equipment & Operational Failures

Investigation into operational failures or issues, review incidents and establish root causes. Follow-up by implementing procedures to avoid re-occurrence or with suppliers to address equipment issues. Establish training programs to address procedural failures.

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

Attend FATs on behalf of clients, witness operational, functional and pressure testing, monitor compliance to industry standards and purchase order requirements. Review document and certification packs, ensure accuracy and standards compliance and provide a full result report.

Knowledge Sharing

Ask slk-connect, when equipment, technique, procedural information or data is being sought. Slk-connect will probably have it available in their data library. Contact them immediately when questions arise and tap into slk-connect’s many years of experience and knowledge.

Quality Management

Slk-connect can prepare, manage and monitor all Quality activities, such as, Quality Plan, PMITP, Quality SOP’s, Service Quality Reporting & Documentation, Quality KPI’s, Quality performance monitoring, GAP analysis, Quality objectives & Management Reviews, NCR Records, NCR Data & NCR Root Cause Analysis and much more.


Slk-connect can prepare standard (generic) or specific procedure packs to meet any maintenance or operational process. Each operating procedure will be supported by a specific checklist. Standard procedures can be tailored to every process step required to complete the full cycle of service delivery.


Pressure containing equipment management, maintenance, certification, testing and wellsite use. Competency & training courses to meet any requirements.


Equipment selection, reviews, technical assessments and approvals.

Hazard & Risk Assessments

Slk-connect can lead risk assessments to recognise a process or an operation’s potential problems, advise on contingency plans, mitigation procedures, emergency procedures and environmental safe guards.

Tool Tracking

Develop asset, equipment and down-hole tool tracking databases with built-in auto reminders of certifications and maintenance events due. Down-hole tools in some environments need full component tracking for testing and field use, the slk-connect database full fills both requirements.