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01. Resources.

Under our new Resources tab, you will discover a wide range of SLICKLINE CONNECT articles available for downloading. Existing, previously published articles have all been subject to a painstaking review process and updated, while a host of new articles covering a wide scope of subjects are ready for you to download free of charge.

02. In The Pipeline.

In The Pipeline is a new feature where all future articles that are in the process of being finalised for publication are available pre-view. All the articles featured on the In The Pipeline page are new and part of an ever-expanding number of quality articles aimed at the well intervention industry.

03. Benefits.

We’ve expanded the details of the types of practical services that we offer, which we believe will be of benefit to you and your organisation. Our aim is to provide a flexible and adaptable service which can be tailor-made to suit any requirement. We are able to provide a multitude of operational support and you can be confident of receiving a timely response providing you with quality solutions to meet your exact requirements and/or address an issue or problem you are dealing with.

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