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Welcome to the Slickline Basic Training Course

The online Slickline Basic Training course provides a solid theoretical introduction to Slickline via a course divided into seven separate courses comprising of eighteen individual easy to follow lessons.

Each lesson covers one major aspect of Slickline enabling the student, who may have very little exposure or knowledge of Slickline, to gain a clear understanding of the subject.

The lessons flow naturally from an introduction through to more complex equipment subjects, with each lesson delivering the knowledge required to fully engage in the subject.

Each lesson is a standalone learning experience, broken into a number of clearly defined steps, typically four.


Download the lesson’s
supporting documentation.


View the training video.


Review the training material.


Take the quiz.

With a quiz pass mark of 80%, move on to the next lesson.

On completion of the course the student will have acquired a level of knowledge which will provide the solid foundation of a career in Slickline.

Good luck, and, remember Slickline Connect are always available for support

You can contact us on: – for general enquiries

or for training related questions.