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Slickline Connect’s Mission is to deliver dependable, accurate and timely support for Slickline, Wireline and Wellservice operations worldwide by applying the company’s collective knowledge and experience gained working for major service companies in many varied global operations. Our primary objective is to ensure that we meet and exceed our Client’s expectations and to this end it is our stated goal to always go the extra mile to achieve them. Individually all members of the company have over 25 years in the Oil Industry in a wide variety of roles. These include, contract and operation management and supervision, training and development roles, technical support, pressure control, incident and failure investigation, quality management. Slickline Connect has developed an extensive network and a wide ranging support structure with major partners in the business which enables us to address and respond to all technical and operational queries about Slickline, Wireline, pressure control, MPLT, completions, intervention  equipment, processes and procedures and much much more …

By contacting slk-connect you can be confident of receiving a timely response providing you, your personnel and clients with a quality solution to meet your requirements to address an issue or problem you are currently dealing with. slk-connect can provide a wide range of operational support (the following are examples only and do not cover the full range of services on offer).

Projects and Project Management

Individual projects will be negotiated with a Client to match and meet specific requirements

For instance: –

  • Project planning – planning, preparation, execution and closure
  • Inspections, verification audits, reviews – can be related to operations, facilities, equipment, supplier, service etc.
  • Equipment and tool evaluations
  • Specific procedures and process documentation
  • Quality and service delivery – processes, procedures, guidelines and checklists
  • QHSE management and assessments
  • Training – manuals, videos, quizzes, training support and competency evaluations
  • Sales and marketing – tender and contract support
  • And more …

Contact slk-connect with any type of enquiry we have a solution to meet all requirements.


Personnel can be provided either on a project, short term or long term basis. With our numerous contacts within the industry we are able to supply personnel to meet and cover all client requirements.

Specific Terms & Conditions will be determined after discussion with the Client.


Upon request slk-connect can develop, in consultation with the client, the following documentation packs

  • Operations Document Pack
  • Service Delivery Folder
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Folder

Upon request, slk-connect can develop Best Practices, Lessons Learnt, Case Histories, Solutions, Procedures, Guidelines and Checklists to meet a customer’s requirements. Technical Reviews, Technical Reports, Technical Assessments – the scope to be defined in consultation with the client

Knowledge Resource

Issues can arise at any point in the operation, they are undefined and can cover any subject or situation, but require an immediate response, support and resolution

Any questions or requests for support submitted to slk-connect are logged into the slk-connect Knowledge Resource database and assigned to a slk-connect engineer who will provide a timely, accurate and satisfactory response. The file remains open until the Requester has indicated, via feedback, that he is satisfied with the slk-connect response.

All Services provided by slicklineconnect are governed by the slk-connect price list and slk-connect terms and conditions which are available upon request. All Products are operations specific and will, in consultation, be tailored to meet specific client requirements.