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Type R Pulling Tool

Type R Pulling Tool

The Type R Pulling Tool is designed to retrieve devices with external fishing necks from the well bore. The R Pulling Tool design permits continuous downward jarring and jar up to release.

The Type R Pulling tool is one of the standard pulling tools and should be available in the Slickline tool box on every job. The Type R Pulling tool is considered to be the safe option in many recovery and fishing situations as it allows multiple attempts to jar down to latch a fishing neck, however, if the device cannot be recovered jarring up will shear the pulling tool pin allowing the toolstring to be recovered to surface permitting other options to be considered.

The R pulling tool is used in three different versions, RB, RS and RJ. The difference in the three versions is the length of the core. The RB has the longest core, the RS the intermediate length core and the RJ the shortest core. Core length determines the reach of the pulling tool. Reach is the distance from the bottom of the core to the engaging shoulder at the bottom of the pulling tool dogs.