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Roller Subs

Roller Subs

This Article will be available for download on 3rd July

Roller subs are used to improve the ability to access deviated well bores in angles up to and sometimes beyond 80o and at depths below 25,000ft, these figures are published by a number of roller sub manufacturers.

The Roller Subs featured in the article are proprietary equipment produced by a wide variety of manufacturers, our objective is to show the wide range of equipment that is available on the market.

All the tools featured are designed to lift the standard tool string off of the tubing wall and coupling this with the use of rollers drastically reduce the friction on the tool string. Other features are the self aligning characteristics of the Roller Subs always ensuring that it is the rollers that are in contact with the tubing.

Roller subs have increased the operating envelope for Slickline well interventions

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